PCYO Structure

PCYO Structure

Governance structure of the Pakistan Crescent Youth Organization comprises of the following set up.

Supreme council:

Supreme Council is the apex body of the PCYO comprising of the most senior members including the founder members. The number of members of Supreme Council is around 25 taken from all Provinces of Pakistan, FATA/FANA and AJ&K. The Supreme Council is appointing authority and nominates the central office bearers, Provincial chairman, secretary general and district chairpersons. Supreme Council meets once in a year and reviews the progress and policies of Organization. It also settles disputes if any.

Central Governing Body:

Central Governing Body comprises of 5 members of the Central Committee, 5 members from each Provincial Committee, 5 members from FATA/FANA Committee and 5 members from AJ&K Committee. The president has the authority to nominate 10 members of the governing Body from any part of the country.

Central Committee:

Central Committee comprises of the office bearers at the federal level which runs day to day affairs of the Organization. It meets after every three months.

Provincial Governing Body:

Provincial Governing Body comprises of 5 members of the Provincial Committee and 2 members from each District of the Province.

Provincial Committee

Provincial Committee comprises of office bearers at the provincial level and runs day to day affairs of the Organization. It meets after every 2 months.

District Governing Body:

Districts Governing Body comprises of 5 members from each Tehsil of District and 10 members from the colleges in the District. The members of District Committee are also the member of the District Governing Body.

District Committee:

 District Committee comprises of Office bearers of the district and runs its day to day affairs. It meets after every month.

General Members:

There are nearly 82,000 general members of PCYO all over the country and AJ&K.

Boards of Directors:

Board of Directors is the most powerful body of the PCYO which comprises of 21 members.BOD meets after every three months. Basic function of BOD is to monitor and examine the progress of the Organization, approve authorizations and provide technical and financial support for its development from time to time.