Future Projects

Future Projects

    Extending Professional support to the Government, other National and International Organizations to further the cause of Marginalization groups of Children, Adolescent, Youth and Women.

    Quality Education for male and female students by expanding the network of PCYO schools in the Punjab and other Provinces.

    To undertake Projects pertaining to Child Protection in whole of the Punjab Especially focusing on Child Domestic labour, Children involved in hazardous occupations, juvenile delinquents, street Childrens, Drug addicts, sexually Abuse Childrens, MARA’S EVA’S Children Suffering from Flood disasters. Camel Jokies.

    Focusing on Adult Literacy/ Non Formal Education for female and male citizens inclusive of dropouts and marginalized groups.

    Expanding the network of Women Resource development centers, Skill Developments Centers (WRDC) and diversified Human Resource Development Centers (HRDC).

    Expanding the scope of PCYO Consultancy Services in the field of Skill Development, Education and youth uplift.

    Increasing Information Technology Centers in the Urban and Rural areas and development of Youth Information Centers.

    To enhance the scope of activities on Wash Project in various districts of Punjab.

    Establishing Sensitivity Training and Research Institute (STRI) to handle professionally issues as gender gap, attitudinal change management.

    Establishment of Primary Welfare School for poor children.

    Establishment of Child Protection centers especially in the flood affected areas.

    Establishment of Child Friendly Centers/ sports clubs.

    Establishment of Child Labour Rehabilitation centers.

    Establishment of Rehabilitation system for the Juvenile offenders.

    Establishment of welfare Schools and training centers for children of the domestic workers.

    To impart Life Skill Based Education, Adult literacy and Psycho/ Socio support to the prisoners in Jails also fight the menace of drug abuse in the prisons.

    Involvement of the Youth and Children in Environment and Forestry Projects.

    To increase the frequency of Inter-Provincial and International Youth Exchange Programme on reciprocal basis for male and female delegates.

    To enhance the scope of PCYO Youth Awards as incentive for outstanding achievements in various walks of life.

    Publication of “Youth Network International magazine” and “Youth Voice News letter”

    Expanding the pool of highly qualified and experienced professionals / specialists/ experts of serving and retired personnel to ably assist as resource persons/ visiting Faculty Members for various PCYO Projects throughout in Pakistan.